Allies Farmhouse by Timber Design

By : Dennis Franklin | 14 Jun 2013 9:45 am | Homes

The Allies Farmhouse was renovated by the Timber Design Studio in 2012 and transformed into a wonderful home to replace the former World War II airbase in Essex, UK.

The historical background of the location only increases its attraction and thus the architecture of the house kept some of the former airbase in its design while also taking advantage of the most modern materials and installations such as the double or even triple-glazed windows to increase the thermal efficiency of the house.

The timber setup also allowed steel detailing and there are two linear elements in the design which are lined through two similar walkways and form a courtyard in the middle. The living room is on the ground floor and it offers a good view of the surroundings, but the perfect view is reserved for the children’s bedroom which is placed in the tower and has a 360 degree panoramic view.

Combining the rustic and traditional elements with the latest technology, the project ensures a functional and elegant farmhouse with all the comforts of a modern home. There is a ground source heat pump supplying the heat and energy is provided by solar, thermal and biomass sources.



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