Algae green loop Proposal by Influx Studio

By : Mark V | 20 May 2016 5:54 am | Skyscrapers

This is an amazing design proposal for the algae retrofitting of the Marina City Towers that are located in Chicago, Illinois, US. The design was made by the Paris-based architecture office Influx_studio which dubbed this design proposal as the “Algae Green Loop Tower”.

It is a very interesting proposal since it exploits the utility of urban decarbonization by inserting loops of bioreactors on the towers, making use of the CO2 absorbing capabilities of this material.

The algae technology is quite new and it reduces the infiltration of CO2, there is also an absorption thanks to vegetal photosynthesis and natural energy harvesting. The bioreactors are the sources of energy for the building’s needs and the carbon plants will work with wind power turbines that will catch the CO2 from the air, filter it and send it back as oxygen in the atmosphere.

Other insertions would consist of algae tubes that will absorb the solar radiation and use it as a bio fuel. One of the parking ramps will function as a phytoremediation device that will purify the water, allowing it to be used again. There will also be photovoltaic and solar thermal panels that will be an alternative source of energy for the building and the semicircular balconies will work as armature for the aforementioned panels.


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