Albang by yoon space

By : Dennis Franklin | 13 Jan 2015 8:45 pm | Other

Albang, meaning Egg Room, is an alternative outdoor living space located in Seoul, South Korea and it was designed in 2014 by the yoon space architectural practice as a way of travelling that doesn’t mean staying in a hotel, tent or RV.

The exterior shape of the structure resembles an egg that can be moved anywhere while the interior tries to pack as much functionality into as little space as possible. The volumes look the same but they come in different colors.

The materials used are eco-friendly, with expanded polystyrene as the predominant one due to its economical qualities, insulation, mobility and waterproof feats. The shape is aerodynamic, seismic safe and each Albang was made by hand without any moldable FRP. The designers at yoon space obtained a patent for their design and thus will continue to build Albang “eggs” in the future, so you will probably see them a lot more.



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