Airplane Suite

By : Dennis Franklin | 3 Feb 2015 8:02 pm | Other

The Airplane Suite is a unique project that tries to reinvent the meaning of a hotel destination through its transition into a plane that became a luxury suite standing in the Teuge Airport in The Netherlands.

The airplane was built in 1960 and has a length of 131 feet (almost 40 meters), allowing the guests to take a seat in the cockpit and pretend to be the pilots. The suite offers a great view of the platform and runway at the airport and is the perfect spot for flight enthusiasts since they can easily book a plane tour, helicopter tour or flight lesson. There are even stunt planes and parachute jumps available for those seeking an adrenaline rush.

The airplane was converted into a luxury suite with a Jacuzzi, separate shower, infrared sauna, mini bar, a large collection of blu-ray DVDs that can be played on one of the three flat screen TVs and aside from its accommodation of two persons it can also be used as a meeting place.


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