Agencia Andaluza by Ruiz Larrea y Asociados

By : Dennis Franklin | 4 Nov 2013 7:01 pm | Other

Located in Sevilla, Spain, the Agencia Andaluza was designed by the architectural practice of Ruiz Larrea y Asociados with a Biopix façade that allows the configuration of different building envelopes to integrate the traditional cladding as well as photovoltaic panels or LED displays.

The designers were concerned to create the maximum volume with the geometry of the project while also paying attention to the interior spaces, lighting and to the thermal and acoustic comfort of the inhabitants.

The project reinterprets the traditional local architecture and tries to improve its efficacy through the reduction of the energy and water consumption through the use of an energy active skin system that changes according to the different times of the year through the use of an air chamber.

The most important features of the interior are the skylight, which permits the retention of light during the winter and radiation protection during the summer due to its reflective materials, and the lightwell composed of pipes that transfer the light inside to improve the interior illumination.



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