Afsharian’s House by ReNa

By : Dennis Franklin | 17 Apr 2015 10:27 pm | Homes

The Afsharian’s House located in Kermanshah, Iran is a contemporary three floor building inhabited by a couple and their two children and featuring a design created by the ReNa architectural practice in 2013.

The house spreads over a surface of 312 square meters and each child has a separate unit built for when they grow older so the project is actually comprised of two apartments. This layout needed a lot of flexibility and at the same time it had to preserve its aesthetic qualities so the façade is actually the first hint you get on the arrangement inside.

The exterior is sculptural and has a square shape with a crack separating it into two vertical areas that make the whole building appear as a landmark in the region. The interior is efficiently organized to ensure a cozy ambiance with timber and brick as the main materials and the atrium has a suspended bridge connecting the bedrooms and offering an overview of the social zone.


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