Aesop’s store no. 100 by Snohetta

By : Dennis Franklin | 12 Jan 2015 6:01 pm | Stores / Showrooms

The Aesop is a company offering a large array of products for the skin, hair and body and they recently celebrated the opening of their 100th store which features a design created by the Snohetta architectural practice.

Located in Prinsensgate, Oslo, Norway, the store spreads over a surface of 66 square meters and its main source of inspiration was the sensory experience offered by the products, so the materials and surfaces were the primary elements defining the space, some of them dating from the 1800s.

The minimalist interior is very cozy and brings a dialogue between the contemporary and the traditional. The ceiling plane was reshaped with a geometry reminiscent of the Orthodox churches and the domes have a matte gypsum plaster finish to make them stand out as well as adding a sense of depth that improves the light and sound inside.

There is a central sink where customers can test products, wash their hands and it was placed here since it is important for product demonstrations, so its shape mimics that of the ceiling domes, while the floor tiles bring a cloudy atmosphere into the space.


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