A’Beckett Tower by Elenberg Fraser Architecture

By : Dennis Franklin | 24 Sep 2014 3:05 pm | Skyscrapers

The A’Beckett Tower located in Victoria, Melbourne, Australia was designed by the practice of Elenberg Fraser Architecture in 2010 as a prototype for high-density residual infill with a large block as its foundation.

The area leading to the tower hosts several apartment units with parking spots around them and they can be reached through car elevators to free the street from ramps. The impressive façade is comprised of 347 louvers with various colors that want to integrate into the architectural context through a rich exploration of the theory of colors as was seen by Goethe.

The louvers reduce the heat gain of the building and they add a dynamic element since the colors change according to the viewer’s angle, sometimes even appearing to be falling off the building. The car park was covered with perforated screens with a design by John Warwicker and the image connects to the university nearby with a reference to the relation with the French intellectual institutions during the 1960s.


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