ABC Emporio by NU.DE

By : Dennis Franklin | 6 Jul 2014 9:36 am | Stores / Showrooms

The ABC Emporio project in Kannur, India consists of a bathroom showroom which features a design created by the NU.DE architectural practice from Mumbai with a sculptural façade wrapping the front and sides with a strong geometrical motif.

The white tessellated structure stands out and adds a dynamic feature to the building. The material chosen for the façade is Corian and it was manufactured by Dupont to permit the glowing of the white parts during nighttime with the aid of the embedded LED lights.

The futuristic exterior continues indoors as well with the reception desk as the main attraction from the entrance since it is a recreation of the tessellated shape outdoors but with colorfully illuminated edges to make it stand out even more so that it creates a cohesive whole without becoming over repetitive.

The bathroom exhibits are carefully organized to allow clients to easily choose what they need, alternating different tones in separate areas.



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