476 Broadway by Casa Manara

By : Dennis Franklin | 11 Feb 2015 5:15 pm | Apartments

The 476 Broadway project is a luxurious loft apartment located in one of the iconic structures in Soho, New York City and it was designed in 2013 by the Casa Manara architectural practice from Monaco.

The home combines the comfort and luxury of New York lofts with an industrial aesthetic that incorporates ceramic tiles, grey marble and oak millwork which was brushed and sandblasted with natural wax as a finish.

The original space was occupied by a single bedroom loft and the owners wanted it to become a three bedroom and three bathroom apartment that would follow the local planning restrictions and the designers managed to create this while also opening the TV room to the north and south Broadway through a new window opening. The designer Piero Manara explained that a complicated situation would only stir up their creativity instead of hindering it since “the culture of bringing projects to life is in our DNA.”


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