40Sqm Apartment by Cristina Bordoiu

By : Dennis Franklin | 6 Dec 2013 8:40 pm | Apartments

This small apartment located in Arad, Romania is owned and was designed by the interior designer Cristina Bordoiu with a contemporary aesthetic that uses biking and nature as its main motifs.

According to the designer, the inspiration came from an internet image with a bicycle embedded in a bathroom interior and she wanted to apply this idea in a manner which evokes the pleasure of riding a bike in the middle of nature.

The apartment spreads over a surface of 40 square meters and features bright white walls and ceiling with dark wooden flooring for contrast and furniture with nature-inspired tones such as beige, brown or green to make it feel cozier and hint at the texture of sand or trees.

Since the apartment is quite small it was a challenge to create a space that is suitable for a young couple and the furniture was entirely custom made with storage spaces hidden to offer a clutter-free living space.



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