3M Italia Headquarters by Mario Cucinella Architects

By : Dennis Franklin | 30 Mar 2013 10:15 am | Offices

The practice of Mario Cucinella Architects designed the 3M Italia Headquarters in the region of Pioltello in Milan, Italy and it is the first completed part of a master plan designed by the architecture firm in 2005.

Spreading over 10300 square meters, the building is linear and has 105 meters in length and 21 in width with a terraced form that looks like steps descending from five levels to only two at the end. The other side was designed with glazing and shading systems and the side with the terraces also acts as an environmental buffer protecting from extreme climate either during summer or winter.

Several eco sustainability elements were also included such as photovoltaic panels on the roof to provide the energy supply, areas of free cooling and green spaces inside to reduce the heat island effect and thus provide a passive cooling and a rainwater collecting system.

The building was finished in 2010 but it received the US 2009 Award in the Architecture category even before its completion, and in 2011 it won the Mipim Green Building Award.



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