38beams by Olson Kundig Architects

By : Dennis Franklin | 10 Dec 2014 8:02 am | Other

The tenth edition of the Design Miami 2014 event will feature a show collector’s lounge designed by the practice of Olson Kundig Architects who brought together a large range of design elements taken from the region of the Pacific Northwest.

The project they created is entitled 38beams and it is comprised of laminated timber beams stacked together to a height of 4.5 meters. The beams were originally used in the construction of a building in Los Angeles after which they were salvaged and they come from Douglas Fir forests in the region.

According to the designers their project “was inspired by historic images of Seattle’s lumber industry where milled lumber was stacked to dry”. The limit to 38 pieces comes from the fact that it is the number which can fit in a single truck and they create the setting for the Perrier-Jouet champagne bar which is the focal point of the space.


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