360º Building by Isay Weinfeld

By : Dennis Franklin | 26 Oct 2013 1:46 pm | Other

The 360 Building is an apartment block designed by the architect Isay Weinfeld on a ridge between the Alto de Pinheiros and Alto da Lapa neighborhoods in Sao Paulo, Brazil and it consists of 62 houses which are stacked one on top of the other with a total of 20 floors.

The project was presented at the World Architecture Festival as an alternative to the vertical housing model which simply stacks apartment units that have very little or no outdoor space at all. With this design each house has its own terrace and they are placed between the apartment thus offering a protection from bad weather and extra privacy.

The apartments have variable sizes ranging from 130 to 250 square meters with up to four apartments on each floor. The project is reminiscent of the Jenga game which is a children’s game in which wooden blocks are removed and stacked higher.

The base of the building hosts a swimming pool running around the structure and there are communal lounge areas and laundry facilities on the ground floor.



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