2Day Languages by Masquespacio

By : Dennis Franklin | 22 Jun 2016 7:32 am | Education

The 2Day Languages is a language school located in Valencia, Spain and their new interiors were designed by the Masquespacio studio with the plan of integrating the identity of the firm into the space along with the historic values of the city.

The project tries to combine the modern and older architecture creating a fusion of the new Spanish design school and the neoclassical architecture. The entire project spreads over a surface of 183 square meters and it hosts three classrooms, a lounge and the staff room.

The classrooms try to incorporate parts of the native architecture and of the Spanish language so that there are three brand colors in the classrooms representing the three language levels that are established by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, namely A, B and C represented with the colors blue, yellow and pink.

The materials used are warm ones such as pine wood to create comfort and warmth so that the students feel at home and focus better on the learning process.

Photos by CUALITI Photo Studio



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