15th-Century Church Renovated as a Modern Bookstore by BK. Architecten

By : Dennis Franklin | 21 Sep 2013 4:44 am | Other

The BK. Architecten practice designed a shopping area inside a Dominican church built in the 15th century to act as a contemporary bookstore located in Zwolle, The Netherlands.

Spreading over a surface of 700 square meters, the shopping area has three floors and it can be removed in case the church will be used for different purposes without damaging the existing building in any way.

The church features stained glass windows designed by Kjell Nupen which provide natural light and give a clear view of the whole area. The furniture was inspired by the works of Dom Hans van der Laan who already created pieces for several monasteries. The interior tries to maintain the original atmosphere through a spatial intervention which preserves the historical value.

Three colors along with white for the plastering work were used in the new area to maintain a warm palette and there is a large staircase leading the customers to the top floor which has an 11 meter bookcase around it.



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