10 Must Visit Buildings in Hong Kong

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Nothing gives much pleasure than roaming around the world with ones who we love the most. Hong Kong is the land of fun and entertainment for the tourists visiting it every year. From Disney land to various other attractions, Hong Kong has what it takes to keep the tourists coming. But here, apart from visiting the attractions, 10 must visit buildings in Hong Kong are listed that nobody should ever miss out before leaving Hong Kong.

10. The Man Mo Temple

10 Must Visit Buildings in Hong Kong

The Man Mo Temple is a quaint tribute to the God of Literature (Man) and the God of War (Mo). It was built in 1847 and remains the largest Man Mo temple in Hong Kong.
The areas Lit Shing Kung and Kung Sor are parts of Man Mo Temple. For the worship of all heavenly gods, Lit Shing Kung was created; whereas, Kung Sor was an important assembly hall built to the temple’s west, was the place where community affairs and disputes were often handled and settled. In 1908, the temple was authoritatively commended to the Tung Wah Group of Hospitals. Later, Man Mo Temple got listed as a Grade I historic building back in 2009 and conserved as an acknowledged Monument.

9. Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery

10 Must Visit Buildings in Hong Kong

Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery is located near Shatin village. It is said that more than 10000 statues are positioned on both sides of the path leading to the monastery. Each statue is showing different postures of Buddha, consist of different sizes. The Monastery on the top looks very good which can be reached by the stairs leading to the Monastery. People with joint pain or any other physical issue should think twice before visiting this place as these stairs are very steep. However, once reached to the top, a distant view of the city can be enjoyed which should worth the visit.

8. Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

10 Must Visit Buildings in Hong Kong

One of the best masterpiece buildings that nobody should miss to visit when travelling to Hong Kong is the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. It is popularly known as HKCEC which was used in the Jackie Chan’s movie “New Police Story” which surely many of us still remember. This building has a unique design with the elements of glass and aluminum that stands out the overall look from the outside. With huge reputation, HKCEC is considered the world class convention and exhibition centre that is voted the best in Asia by industry awards in 2012.

7. Clock Tower

10 Must Visit Buildings in Hong Kong

Standing 44-meters tall, the old Clock Tower was raised in 1915 as a component of the Kowloon–Canton Railway end. The once-shouting station is a secluded memory, yet this red block and stone tower now safeguarded as a Declared Monument, puts together due as an affluent sign of the Age of Steam. Before 1920, the tower had only one clock and then the other 3 clocks were installed in this tower. A lot of visitors often claim that it is nice to visit inside the tower rather just only watching it from outside. So, it’s ideal to make sure to roam around the Clock Tower whenever visiting it.

6. The Hong Kong Museum of History

10 Must Visit Buildings in Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Museum of History has demonstrated its conceivable to compress 400 million years of history into one 7,000 square meter space. A catalog topper for history buffs, the museum has tried massive endeavors in examining, gathering, handling and displaying innumerable bits and pieces which are identified with the antiquated exploration, olden times, ethnography and common histories of Hong Kong and South China. Thematic displays are likewise routinely held at distinctive times. More or less, a perfect place to dig into the history apart from travelling to Hong Kong.

5. The Wong Tai Sin Temple’s

10 Must Visit Buildings in Hong Kong

The Wong Tai Sin Temple’s promises to ‘make each wish come true’ may have something to do with its fame. Home to three religions (Taoism, Buddhism and Confucianism) its regular setting and flawlessly ornamented structures make it as much a scenic fascination as a critical holy place. Wong Tai Sin Temple is the place where admirers pray to their God for favorable luck through offerings, divine direction and fortune telling.

4. The Hong Kong Museum of Art

10 Must Visit Buildings in Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Museum of Art highlights more than 15,000 art items including calligraphy, historic Chinese treasures, artistic creations of historical connotation and works by local artists. The museum equally shows an amazing mixture of thematic displays drawn from nearby and abroad sources. Hong Kong Museum of Art has a branch named as The Flagstaff House Museum of Tea Ware in Hong Kong Park that shouldn’t be missed out to visit.

3. International Finance Centre

10 Must Visit Buildings in Hong Kong

If the purpose for visiting Hong Kong has anything to do with business, then Finance Center building is the one that should get the first attention. Taking off 420 meters over the Central waterfront, this charging historic point is the tallest building on Hong Kong Island, assumed to be second tallest in the city and one of the tallest on the planet. Two ifc was finished in 2003 as a component of a complex that incorporates the upmarket ifc shopping center and the Four Seasons Hotel.

2. HSBC Building

10 Must Visit Buildings in Hong Kong

HSBC Main Building is the first building of its size in Hong Kong built completely of basic steel with no fortified solid in its inward center. Outlined by prestigious British designer Lord Norman Foster, this hi tech assembling in Central is a wonder of cutting edge building design. Moreover, regular daylight is the fundamental wellspring of light inside the building, with a bank of mirrors guiding it into the chamber. Overall, a great building to get your footstep in even if you don’t have a bank account with HSBC.

1 Hotel Indigo Hong Kong Island

Hotel Indigo Hong Kong Island is a dynamic addition to the fabric of Wan Chai, one of Hong Kong’s most assorted and significant neighborhoods. The hotel’s fresh and elegant design is fascinating, innovative and deliberately reminiscent of its culturally rich urban environment. Each room captures the history of the neighborhood through its design and artwork. On the rooftop there is contemporary bar, Sky bar, and dramatic infinity glass bottomed pool which are altogether the key attraction.

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