‘Tower Town’ by Visiondivision

By : Mark V | 18 Jun 2015 4:53 pm | Skyscrapers

Taichung held an interesting competition called the “Taiwan Tower”. The organizers expected an unforgettable skyscraper and visiondivision surprised them with a very interesting project-a combination of more than 100 beautiful towers that defy the image of the modern aesthetics(a skyscraper in the shape of a tower), aligning the town to a 21st century style. The towers are slender thus they don’t occupy too much space.

The town would be entirely covered with towers. The skyscrapers will create narrows streets with vertical views and when it comes to communication purposes (that add to the structural demands) there will be different observation decks.

The designers justify their project by explaining the fact that a tall building is not sufficient to portray the idea of a skyscraper in the contemporary architecture. They resorted to towers because they envision the idea of the 21st century-the towers are tall and they give away a sensation of solitude. The height has been a recurring theme in the design of buildings-it’s an efficient, simple technique and it also saves you some money.

Some claim that the idea of tall buildings will sooner or later be old fashioned-because no matter what things you add to it, whether you swirl it, clad it with different materials etc it still stays the same. But who knows what the future holds for architectural designs? With so much progress in technology we could have even more cutting edge styled towers.

No matter what tower or skyscraper you visit-whether it’s Sears Towers, Pearl Tower, The Empire State Building, the feeling is the same. New ways of building tall skyscrapers must be created.


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