ZENSE: The Rebirth by Department of Architecture

By : Dennis Franklin | 26 Apr 2013 10:08 am | Restaurants & Bars

The ZENSE was one of the most visited restaurants in the region of Pathumwan, Bangkok, Thailand, but it was a victim of the torching which took place during the 2010 Red Shirt Riot burning the entire Podium of the ZEN Tower in the Central World Complex. The original designers of the project, the Department of Architecture, were asked to redesign the project and give it another life.

The designers wanted to create something which was reminiscent of the original ZENSE restaurant but somehow make them forget the tragic ending it had, so they tried to provide a stronger articulation to the original space with livelier colors.

They tried to combine the field of fashion with that of architecture through the use of pleating fabric into the architectural elements such as the stairs, the railing, the seating or even the stage, the roof planes over the kitchen. Steel lines were used as the floating planes below the ceiling to provide a dynamic effect and also as a way of distracting attention from the piping. Similar planes were used in floating dining pavilions to provide a splendid framing of the city skyline.



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