Zefi’s Bar by Anna Dodonova

By : Dennis Franklin | 18 Jul 2014 12:22 pm | Restaurants & Bars

The Zefi Bar on King’s Road in London, England was designed by Anna Dodonova as a place where the clients can relax in a comfortable ambiance with elegant vintage touches that try to create a perfect spot for a good time.

The location of the spot was taken into consideration and the designer tried to capture the local history with a style and furniture that have a timeless feeling without going all the way with the vintage theme as is the case with a lot of bars in London.

The leather furniture combines with pendant lighting from Baxter and the rich colors act as a complement to the classical Mediterranean bar menu. The soft leather is paired with blackened steel, wood, exposed bricks and antique mirrors to create a balanced array of textures and shades.

There are velvet curtains, blinds and pendant lighting to bring mystery to the space and make the overall space feel intimate and cozy. The marble counter of the bar acts as a central piece and there are 1940s movie posters on the walls to complete the space.



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