Zayed University by BRT Architekten and Hadi Teherani Interior GmbH

By : Dennis Franklin | 21 Feb 2014 8:13 am | Education

The Zayed University was designed by the BRT Architekten practice in collaboration with the Hadi Teherani Interior GmbH studio and it is a part of the masterplan for the entrance into the Capital District region located between Abu Dhabi and the international airport of the city.

The project combines traditional architectural features with contemporary ones and the engineering elements are a reference to the heritage and identity of the United Arab Emirates. The university expanded with a new campus due to the demand for additional undergraduate courses and this also led to an improvement of the existing programs to create a research facility that follows the highest international standards.

The campus can ensure facilities for up to 6000 students as well as containing the Zayed International College which will offer education to students of all nationalities. The programs inside include classrooms, science and computer labs, a large library, a cafeteria, a sports complex, a conference center and the administration areas as well.



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