YUHANG_Cultural and Art Center by Studio Marco Piva

By : Dennis Franklin | 24 Apr 2014 3:35 pm | Other

The YUHANG Cultural and Art Center takes its name from the district it is located in which is in the Zhejiang province of Hangzhou, China and it is the birthplace of the Liangzhu Primitive Culture, an important prehistoric site.

The project was designed by the Studio Marco Piva and the client wanted a futuristic landmark structure which would consider both the commercial and the public needs. The cultural center integrates architecture, the water system, plaza and green spaces through an advanced managing experience which ensures the sustainability of the project.

There are three sections, one hosting the performance venues consisting of a grand theater, a small theater and a cultural and art plaza. There is a culture and art center with an art gallery, cultural center and a library, and finally the eastern lake nearby had its landscape designed to offer a beautiful view of the surroundings.

The dynamic shape of the structure was taken from the desire to offer a building which interacts strongly with its environment and since the deity insignia is the representative tribal ornament, the shape of the Center resembles that of the cong (cylinders).




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