Yucca Valley House 3 by Oller & Pejic Architecture

By : Dennis Franklin | 13 Apr 2014 2:19 pm | Homes

The luxurious Yucca Valley House 3 is a project designed by the practice of Oller & Pejic Architecture and it is located in Twentynine Palms, California.

The site of the project posed important technical challenges and the previous owners gave up the challenge. The client wanted the house to be built as a shadow, since it is located in a desert area where the sunlight is very bright and after long considerations of the possible aesthetic choices the decision was made to build a structure in the Western American tradition of Land Art in combination with a minimalist approach.

The scraped mountain was replaced with the house not as a continuation but as a negative of the rock with an obsidian shard façade. The interior structure is linear with the living room at one end and the bedrooms at the other. The kitchen and dining rooms occupy the middle of the house and they wrap around an inner courtyard.



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