YouTube London offices by PENSON Group

By : Dennis Franklin | 28 Jun 2015 2:27 pm | Offices

Located in the same building as the one occupied by the Google London headquarters, namely the Central St. Giles Building in the Covent Garden area, the You Tube Offices offer some of the same laid back informal design that tries to resemble a film set.

Designed by the award winning practice of PENSON Group Architects, the interior designer Lucy Goddard described her idea as the recreation of a back stage or film studio that also includes some original details to create something unique.

Some of the most interesting spaces include a YouTube Walk of Fame that presents content the company selected which is shown on a series of screens, a cinema room that has velvet curtains and padded seats which is ideal for different screenings or the place the designers called The Creator Space where YouTube will host the YouTube film-makers that receive a set number of hits for their works.

The design has sections that have the “work in progress” feeling and other sections that try to be reminiscent of a certain period in the past but all of them also include plenty of high tech features as you would expect in a YouTube office.



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