Yoshi Bar by Naoya Matsumoto

By : Dennis Franklin | 14 May 2014 8:51 pm | Other

The architect Naoya Matsumoto created the Yoshi Bar in Shiga, Japan for the school festival of the Seian University which offers a view of the nearby Lake Biwa.

The project was created as a material stall and its inspiration comes from the curriculum of the Spatial Design class which creates its landscape each year with the aid of reed grows from local sources. The designer used the material for the second time, the first time using it for a place which he wanted to sell.

Unlike the first attempt to use reeds, this time there is a systematic approach, beginning with six panels of reeds and putting them as the front, back, left right and top to create a structure which is able to stand by itself while also having enough space inside to host several persons.

The project appears as random from afar but it is reminiscent of the gabled roofs familiar to the Japanese. The structure can be built easily in a few days and can be disassembled fast.



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