Ylofa Palme by AI-Studio

By : Dennis Franklin | 18 Jan 2014 1:16 pm | Apartments

Ylofa Palme is a contemporary apartment located in Moscow, Russia which was designed by the AI-Studio with a clean and bright interior to ensure great views of the surroundings as well as sufficient natural light inside.

The loft spreads over a surface of 2150 square feet and the wall oriented toward the exterior was covered in walnut wood to add warmth and a natural texture in the ambiance, leaving the other surfaces, the ceiling and flooring, in lighter tones.

To ensure a minimalist aesthetic, the cabinets for the bar, wardrobe and TV area were all built in the walls so that they can be out of sight when they aren’t in use. The main materials, aside from the walnut wood include slabs of natural stone, parquet boards and micro-cement for the bathrooms.

The illumination is ensured by light-emitting diodes placed in the cutting to provide a homogenous and eco-friendly source of light.



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