Yellow Tail Sushi Bar at VIE Hotel by Rockwell Group Europe

By : Dennis Franklin | 10 Jan 2015 12:06 pm | Restaurants & Bars

The Yellow Tail Sushi Bar located at the VIE Hotel in Bangkok, China was designed by the Rockwell Group Europe in 2013 along with three floors of the hotel to provide a new look for the restaurant, bar and outdoor terrace.

The sushi bar is on the third floor and the designers reinterpreted the contemporary Japanese style with an original combination of materials such as wood, bronze or black granite. The tables, bar tops and stools are made of bronze metal and the designers added fabrics for additional textures, taken from the Spotlight collection of David Rockwell which was created for Jim Thompson and can be seen on the chairs or benches.

The interior is highly dynamic due to the undulating addition of wooden patterns resembling fishing nets on the ceiling and walls, bringing an appropriate aquatic tone to the setting and also adding more warmth inside, with the lighting spots hidden into some of the cavities.

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