Xylem by Amenta Emma Architects

By : Dennis Franklin | 27 Sep 2014 7:20 am | Offices

Xylem Inc. is the leading global water technology company and their new headquarters on Rye Brook, New York were designed by the practice of Amenta Emma Architects in 2014 to evoke the element of water in a LEED Gold project.

The color, materials and decorative elements all suggest water and you can imagine the purpose of the project from the reception area with its blue and green accent walls. The ceiling fixtures suggest the flow of water and the carpet designs are renderings of cascading waterfalls.

The offices around the entrance have mural wall coverings with the company logo and the portrayal of the water cycle and there is an interactive map of the company’s project locations from all over the globe, since they provide water solutions for 150 countries.

The CEO office suite is far from the entrance so the visitors can see the history of the company and enjoy the interior before reaching the CEO with success stories on display about their former projects.


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