Wulumuqi Road Apartment by SKEW Collaborative

By : Dennis Franklin | 7 Apr 2014 8:43 pm | Apartments

The Wulumuqi Road Apartment was redesigned by the SKEW Collaborative studio to bring the cosmopolite atmosphere of Shanghai indoors.

The loft is located on the top floor of a residential building which went through several transformations and the core of the apartment is quite simple with minimalist furniture and an open floor plan. The sophisticated interior has a complex geometry with a lot of edges and the attic was completely redesigned to host a bedroom and a study area, the two rooms of the house that need the most privacy.

The designers had to enlarge the space and to make it more open so they modified the geometry of the attic to create a single living space. The geometric pattern of the roof was put into the ceiling, walls and staircase and the overlapping triangles make the ambiance a lot more sophisticated.

The apartment was created with recycled materials from the city since its rapid growth always demolishes and transforms its older parts.



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