Worldly Apartment by Leks Architects

By : Dennis Franklin | 6 Jul 2015 5:38 am | Apartments

Located in Kiev, Ukraine this apartment features a contemporary design that adds several eclectic elements in the blend to provide a homogenous and highly functional space.

Designed by the practice of Leks Architects, this project doesn’t aim at minimalism but rather tries to offer a lot of options and diversity. The finishing is stylish and provides comfort while each side of the apartment offers elements from different parts of the globe, giving us the impression that the owners are persons who travel a lot. You can discover oriental decorations such as a Buddha vase or European decorations such as the pendant lights above the kitchen that are usually found in the Italian trattoria.

The living area uses white and black to create a sophisticated ambiance and the wooden flooring adds a bit of color and warmth to the space, while the kitchen (and the bathroom) uses more white and silver to provide a space that is more inclined toward the practical.



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