Wonderful Poplar Library by Sako Architects

By : Mark V | 20 May 2015 7:19 pm | Education, Infrastructure

The lovely library you’re about to see right now is called the Poplar Library and it was designed by Sako Architects especially for children. The library is basically a two level building that invites the kids to discover the world of books. The interior draws the natural light, creating a wonderful effect while two ribbons that copy the rainbow lead to the library .

It is tricky to design a library for kids since it has to render the idea of relaxation and sense of peace and quiet and it should also be fun in the same time. The architects also inserted gaps right in the bookshelves so that kids can reach other rooms going straight through these gaps.

The gaps are also great places to hide if the kids want to stay secluded and read their book without being distracted.


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