Wonderful Home+1 Project in Salt Lake City

By : Mark V | 4 Dec 2011 2:22 pm | Homes

The “Home |+1″ project is located in Salt Lake City, USA and the name reveals everything, since we have here a spectacular house that has an extra feature: another adjacent cottage that can function depending on the client`s request, it can be a guest home, a nanny suite or a mother-in-law apartment. The project was the creation of the people from Cityhome Collective.

Some people search for a lifetime for two houses, one linked to the other, most of us find two houses at a considerable distance one another, but this project provides the desired wish: to have two houses, one next to each other.

Ron Molen designed the 4 bedroom house, he also picked vaulted ceilings for the office space, the living/dining room is an open space while the media room acts like a fitness area that has a climbing wall for kids. A beautiful patio that is designed in the Scottsdale style has its own fire pit and the spa allows 10 person in it . There is also a 3 car garage and other additional spaces in the house that wait to be discovered and used.

The adjacent cottage has only two bedrooms, but it still has a welcoming vibe thanks to the beautiful fireplace found here. The kitchen and bath were newly redecorated and an interesting challenge is offered to the one that would end up buying this place.


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