Wonderful home in Salt Lake City: H-House

By : Mark V | 5 Oct 2011 7:04 pm | Homes

The H House is located in Salt Lake City, Utah and its façade is a testimony of modern, innovative designs. Its location overlooks the city, a perfect location for a house like this one that should sit on a lot so it can be admired from every angle, as the developers of the home, Axis Architects, best describe their newest project.

It’s a 4,100 square feet building that hosts modern furniture that gives you the sense you stepped in a comfy, family house. A very spectacular interior design that matches the contemporary style can be found in this house. It’s divided into three floors and above the garage and vestibule you can find the main floor that includes the kitchen, the home office and dining ,the living room and master bedroom also. As you go upstairs you’ll encounter another bedroom and the study.

This beautiful house has attracted the curiosity of many and it`s not hard to understand why .It`s the perfect house for the modern family.


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