Winery Schreckbichl by Bergmeisterwolf Architekten

By : Dennis Franklin | 24 Jun 2013 3:07 pm | Other

The Bergmeisterwolf Architekten practice designed the Winery Schreckbichl in 2011 with a contemporary look which transformed it into a symbol of modernity.

Located on Weinstrasse 8,39057 in Girlan, Italy the new structure features an oak façade for the area where the oak barrels are stored and a metal façade where the metal barrels can be found. The old façade was still kept but a new structure was built in front of it with metal and wood to provide a linear body with 45 meters in length and 9 in height. This structure has three parts and its other side has a façade with black painted metal panels so that from one side it seems to be a black wall but from the front the older building comes into view.

The pipes and equipment needed for the winery were updated and there are circular areas made from polished INOX which are installed in different places and heights on the facades to provide different plays of light and shape while also providing a symbol for the grapes through their repetitive pattern.



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