White House by Pierre Antoine Compain

By : Dennis Franklin | 26 Aug 2014 5:40 pm | Homes

White House is an apartment located in La Rochelle, France as a renovation of a residential townhouse spread over four levels and designed by the architectural practice of Pierre Antoine Compain.

The apartment has a central axis which follows the height of the vertical greenhouse and this area connects the interior to provide a view of all the surrounding areas. The open plan living space goes from a program to the next, with transparent glazing allowing the light to pass throughout.

The interior design is highly modern but the functionality isn’t hindered by this, quite the opposite, you have balconies inside with an overview of the residence and this permits the inhabitants to move from one area to the next with ease both on the vertical and on the horizontal axis.

The color palette combines touches of red and blue with a predominantly white interior, while each level has a ground floor made of light wood.

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