All-White Country House by LABhaus

By : Dennis Franklin | 21 Feb 2014 8:06 am | Homes

This modern home is located in Boston, USA and it was designed by the LABhaus architectural practice with a simple geometry and an overall white exterior.

The house was designed to be used during the weekends and holiday and it was renovated and extended for the owner’s current needs so that the living area would be bright and well integrated with the surrounding landscape.

The new addition to the house has a simple rectangular shape and it hosts two new rooms, namely the office area, a bathroom and an outdoor lounge area where you can have a party during the summertime or just enjoy a warm cup of coffee if it’s warmer.

The interior contrasts the white exterior through the use of earthy tones but the ceiling and walls maintain the white palette and the main attraction in the living area is the new fireplace under the TV lounge area, ensuring a cozy and relaxing ambiance.



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