Whistler Public Library by Hughes Condon in Canada

By : Mark V | 16 May 2015 12:15 pm | Education, Infrastructure

The Whistler Public Library is located in Whistler, BC, Canada and it was designed by Hughes Condon Marler Architects. Next to the library you can find the largest park in this village and a pedestrian space also known by the name of Village Stroll. The project that involved the design of this library aims to offer facilities to the locals and tourists and to the people that love to spend time in the outdoors or people that want to enrich their culture or intellect.

The library has 15,000 square feet and it seems to fit with the surroundings,it is near forest glades and mountain tops were the source of inspiration for the design of the building. The plan of the building is an L-shaped plan and Village Park is found on the north side of the library,containing a children`s reading circle,an area for biking and skiing and also a stream.

A wall glazing system was installed that functions as a link between Sprott Mountain and Village Park. The mullions are vertical windows that were placed in a random order so they can make the tree trunks seem to fade out, thus the visitors setting eyes on other views and landscapes nearby.

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