What’s Up English Academy by Isabel Lopez Vilalta + Asociados

By : Dennis Franklin | 2 Aug 2013 12:58 pm | Education

The What’s Up English Academy located in Barcelona, Spain was designed by the practice of Isabel Lopez Vilalta + Asociados as a project that brings out the identity of the academy without the need for exuberance.

The space was planned so as to offer a fresh and colorful ambiance where people can improve themselves and find inspiration. The mezzanine which was formerly an office space became a large container for several independent boxes that have various purposes while offering an intimate space that is fitted for the activities.

The classrooms and social areas have been placed along the glazed façade so that abundant natural light can enter through and reach the central areas of the building. Since it is oriented toward the street, the same façade also offers glimpses of the interior for the passers-by so that they can see the activities inside and perhaps become curious.



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