Wentworth Rd House by Edward Szewczyk Architects

By : Dennis Franklin | 25 Feb 2014 8:41 pm | Homes

The Wentworth Rd House is a residential project designed by the practice of Edward Szewczyk Architects in Sydney, Australia with geometry that tries to take maximum advantage of the location on the sunny side of the street offering vistas to the Sydney Harbour.

There are three levels in the structure with a roof terrace to ensure a great overview of the surroundings and the outdoor functions are above the street and not hidden behind fences as is usually the case. The ground floor is suspended in part and sandstone slabs create a connection between the garden and the terrace.

The garden is dominated by an old gum tree which offers a habitat for birds while also sheltering an outdoor family area connected with the living area through glass surfaces. The sandstone slabs outdoors receive a much more delicate texture inside and they combine with coarse sandstone on the wall toward the entrance with timber adding a warmer tone to the stone finishes and metal cladding to bring a contemporary touch.



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