Wawu Shan Resort and Hotel by HASSELL

By : Dennis Franklin | 21 Nov 2013 9:10 pm | Hotels & Spas

Wawu Shan Resort and Hotel is a sustainable mountain-top retreat designed by the HASSELL architectural practice in the Sichuan Province of China and it spreads over a surface of 20500 square meters being currently under construction and expected to be complete in 2014.

The complex has 80 rooms and is set in the beautiful landscape of the Wawu Mountain featuring forests and waterfalls. The design tries to impact as little as possible the natural heritage of the site and several pilotis were used to elevate the volumes of the structure and create the impression of floating above the mountain.

The various spaces communicate through covered walkways and paths and there are several cantilevered observation platforms that extend to take advantage of the stunning view with a 500 meter portion of empty space below them.

Aside from the main hotel building, there are also ten villas in the forest for those who wish extra privacy. The materials used in the project were locally sourced and resources were used to minimize the carbon footprint of the project.



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