Waterfall House by Dick Clark + Associates

By : Dennis Franklin | 20 Aug 2014 6:59 pm | Homes

The Waterfall House located in Austin, Texas was designed by the architectural practice of Dick Clark + Associates for a single family and it combines a contemporary aesthetic with efficient design and a great integration with the surrounding landscape.

Standing on the hills to the west side of Austin, the residence offers an overview of the city skyline and this was achieved through a raised foundation. The eastern façade hosts the main areas and this is where the transition from the indoors to the exterior is done with most ease through large sliding glass doors to bring you from the living area to the deck with the swimming pool.

The geometry of the structure was carefully planned with delicate proportions and a fluent interior layout which integrates the living area, kitchen and dining area into a single zone. The site’s remoteness doesn’t determine the structure as an urban one, so the aesthetic also integrates rural touches and an open floor plan.



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