Wallace Ridge by Whipple Russell Architects

By : Dennis Franklin | 27 Apr 2013 10:20 am | Homes

The Wallace Ridge was designed by the practice of Whipple Russell Architects and it is located in Trousdale Estates region of Beverly Hills, California.

The original property was in very bad shape with a floor plan and gabled roof that weren’t appropriate for a modern house and thus required remodeling to offer a bright space with an open plan that takes advantage of the wonderful view and is closer to the contemporary design standards.

From the swimming pool area the roof terrace can be reached sitting right above the master suite and offering the perfect view point.

The interior provides a modern design with a warm and comfortable ambiance that is also improved with a lot of decorative elements such as works of art or flowers. There are high ceilings and a flat roof for the terrace and the living area is designed as a whole with the kitchen, dining area, entertainment area and living room flowing easily from one to the other.

The house also features a music studio below the motor court which includes a separate control room, a sound booth and is completely soundproof.



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