Vroenhoven Bridge by Ney&Partners

By : Dennis Franklin | 26 Sep 2013 7:03 pm | Bridges

The architectural practice of Ney&Partners won the open competition for the design of the Vroenhoven Bridge in Riemst, Belgium and they collaborated with the artist Jozef Legrand to perform a complete study of the structure, architecture and landscape with their project.

The Albert Canal on which the bridge resides was broadened for river traffic and the new bridge allows a free width of 86 meters for boat passage with a central span of 100 meters while also preserving the historical site. This is the exact place where the Second World War began for Belgium with a bunker close to the bridge still giving testimony of this period.

The length of the bridge is 195 meters and there are two lanes on it with adjacent pedestrian and bicycle routes giving the bridge a width of 18.5 meters. Two steel beams make up the main structural system of the bridge and their form varies according to the stress on the beams while they also separate the traffic from the pedestrians and cyclists.



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