VOX showroom by mode:lina architekci

By : Dennis Franklin | 14 Jan 2014 6:45 pm | Stores / Showrooms

The VOX showroom located in Krakow, Poland was designed by the mode:lina architekci practice as a new store hosting unique Polish and European brands that are either found exclusively in this store or just rarely available in other places, making this project even more of an attraction.

The owners wanted to create a surprising space with low cost materials and funds so the designers proposed the replacement of the normal partitions with an unusual installation. The store has walls made of scaffolding filled with OSB cubes and covered with banner mesh.

The articles are presented and exhibited on wooden boxes following the principle of open space to display the products that are available.

The external walls have strong graphics and there is a black paint with huge white letters to make the store stand out from afar and attract attention to it, while also revealing its purpose to the visitors.



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