Voila House by Fabian Tan Architect

By : Dennis Franklin | 15 Nov 2015 7:44 pm | Homes

The Voila House is a transformation of a former Malaysian bungalow into a contemporary home designed by the practice of Fabian Tan Architect in Kuala Lumpur.

The project features walls which can be removed with ease to create a space which is better integrated with the outdoors so that they can enjoy the pleasant days better. The trees which surround the house create a serene ambiance and the family rooms were placed with a view toward them to maintain a constant connection.

The living area extends into the garden which has the shape of a U and revolving doors allow the spaces to become united into a single one or add extra privacy when needed. The private rooms and the kitchen placed in the opposite side of the house to create distinct sections.

The interior has a minimalist design with white predominating and it is combined with various splashes of color to create a cozy and joyful ambiance.



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