The Vista House by Alexander Brenner Architekten

By : Dennis Franklin | 25 Apr 2014 7:49 pm | Homes

The practice of Alexander Brenner Architekten designed the Vista House with a contemporary aesthetic and it is located north of Stuttgart, Germany, being the home of a couple who is passionate about art.

The home is accessed through the southern side leading to the garage and the structure spreads over three floors to ensure a beautiful overview of the city from the sleeping areas on the top floor. The garage is below the garden and can be seen only through the wood-clad incision in the sandstone wall.

Access to the home is guided by a black concrete sculpture and there are curved pathways to guide the visitors to the rear entrance, offering security from the passers-by on the east and north. The white façade opens to the surroundings through a multi-storey glazing and the angular geometry ensures great views of the city while also creating a sheltered courtyard where the garden and swimming pool are located.

The interior acts as a home art gallery and the living spaces spread over the ground floor and over the first one, to allow sufficient space for the art pieces.



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