Villa with Aquarium by Centric Design Group

By : Mark V | 24 Aug 2016 12:19 pm | Apartments, Interiors

Designed by Centric Design Group, the Villa with Aquarium is an original blend of modern architecture with several aquariums to create a residential project of a different kind in the Netherlands.

The aquarium is designed as a central element of the décor and is placed on the upper level of the living room offering extra light and also a natural addition to the contemporary abstract design. Due to its colorful aquatic elements, the rest of the design is kept more neutral to further delineate the main theme and offer a modern context to the main attraction through the use of aged wood and light colors.

Central to the living room is also a contemporary fireplace that adds extra style and warmth to the ensemble. The predominant white on the ceiling and walls increases the lighting of the rooms and permit the water tank lights flicker offering an exotic allure to the villa.

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