Villa Midgård in Sweden by DAPstockholm

By : Mark V | 27 Jan 2013 2:40 am | Homes

The architectural practice of DAPstockholm designed this residential project in 2011 in Stockholm, Sweden. Drawing from the native Norse mythology for its name, they appropriately called the place villa Midgard. Since the client desired a sturdy and easy to maintain home, the designers provided it with a façade that offers some security and privacy.

The house has several facets, each of them with its own geometry and orientation, adapting to the terrain and luminosity along with the wants of the clients regarding the view and privacy. Altogether there are seven different facades to the home, something that makes it quite unique, along with the abrupt terrain that gave extra challenge to the designers.

The swimming pool outside has a very interesting glass wall towards the stairway giving it increased illumination that flickers with the light and is made out of dark concrete.

The interior is mostly made from marble and dark wood, similar to the one that covers the exterior of the villa. This use of wood will allow the house to change its color once it ages, giving it a sense of vitality. The decorations inside are minimalist, combining functionality with simplicity in a typical Scandinavian style.


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