Villa L by Powerhouse Company and RAU

By : Dennis Franklin | 23 Jan 2016 11:10 pm | Homes

This luxurious villa is located in a forest in Utrecht, The Netherlands and it was designed by the Powerhouse Company in collaboration with the architectural practice of RAU.

The inhabitants are a young family with three children and the designers tried to create a space that will be ideal for their needs, with an orientation toward the sun and a good view of the garden.

The interiors are very diverse and follow the best principles of minimalist design to ensure functionality and beauty with each floor having its special ambiance. The three floors also feature a very different spatial arrangement for each one, to provide this diversity and originality, a feature that is also justified due to the different purpose that each floor has.

The living area on the ground floor is designed as an open space, with the kitchen and living room towards the south to take advantage of the view. The first floor hosts the private rooms, namely the bedrooms where the dark wood provides the predominant tone. These spaces are also set in a roof garden to provide even more intimacy and give the impression of separate village cabins.



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