Villa G by Audrius Ambrasas Architects

By : Dennis Franklin | 24 Jan 2015 4:52 pm | Homes

The Villa G residential project is an impressive project created in 2014 by the practice of Audrius Ambrasas Architects and it is located in Vilnius, Lithuania in the Pavilnian Regional Park, offering an exterior that has fluid shapes and natural materials to integrate perfectly into the landscape.

The roof curves to connect with the ground and there are timber pergolas extending the shape of the main structure to add an overall interesting and unusual geometry to the whole. The layout spreads over a single floor and the boomerang shapes define the shared common zone that was covered with a flat roof.

The north side of the building is where the utility amenities are located with the shed, garage, storage room, boiler room, laundry and kitchen, while the bedrooms and bathroom are oriented toward the east. The common zone contains the dining zone, lounge and the other active zones all of them at the south west of the villa with a covered terrace extending it to give access to the swimming pool.


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